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Tohya Miho (4kb)
First Appearance: 099 [ View Here ]
Age: late teen
Nationality: Japanese
Occupation: Student, "Mistress of Zombies/Darkness"
Relations: friends with Ping, Owner(?) of Cave of Evil (Dance Club), Pure Evil (in Largo's opinion)
The Queen of the Zombies, Tohya Miho is a mysterious character. I don't know if she's truly evil, as Largo's views of the world aren't exactly the norm but she's an interesting character nonetheless. Befriending Ping-chan, Miho isn't all that bad as the two become quick friends. However, there is more to her than it seems. Miho has some ulterior motive as she seems to know of Largo and Piro (online gaming?) but they don't know her.

There's just so much of Tohya Miho that we don't know yet. The only other facts are that she's owner of a dance club (Cave of Evil) and speaks & understands English like any red-blooded American. Only time will tell what Miho has in store for the future...

Miho (13kb)