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Seraphim (4kb)
First Appearance: 039 [ View Here ]
Age: early 20's / NA
Nationality: Unknown
Occupation: Conscience Operative, Level 9 of CEA (Conscience Enforcement Authority, Special Counseling Division)
Relations: Piro's conscience, "hires" Boo as Largo's conscience
Seraphim, the conscience of One Piro, is greatly under-paid and under-staffed as handling the life that is Piro (which usually includes Largo 90% of the time) isn't a easy job. It is no surprise then that Seraphim smokes, no doubt to relieve some of that stress which her jobs implies.

A no nonsense modern girl, Seraphim has her work cut out for her. The most important role she seems to play as of current is to make sure Piro doesn't go those underaged girls that "years of anime and games full of high school girls that has programmed (Piro) to be attracted to them." Basically, try to get Piro off the "2D" girls to "3D" ones.... oh boy, she has a long way to go!

Singing Seraphim (13kb)