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::: Yuki : Mami : Tohya Miho : Ping :::
Ping (4kb)
First Appearance: 105 [ View Here ]
Age: Physical: late teen / Actual: NA
Nationality: Physical: Japanese
Occupation: PS2 Accessory for Dating Sims
Relations: friends with Miho, Piro & Largo's "younger sister"(?)
My 3rd favorite in the cast of MT females, Ping-chan is actually an PS2 accessory. Wow.. when will it be available in the US?!? (^_^) Ping was "bought"(?) by Tsubasa, but left behind in the care of Largo & Piro when Ping-chan convinced Tsubasa to follow his dreams and find his 1st love in the US.

Ping, robot or not, is a very energetic and spirited "girl." She becomes instant friends with Tohya Miho, aka the Mistress of Zombies by Largo, and cares for Largo & Piro as a little sister should. Or at least until she is rejected, then all hell breaks loose (Largo, who unfortunately found out). Lastly, Ping-chan has this high sense of privacy (as programmed into her) that is so "bad," that she kicks anyone out so she can change clothing. It'll be interesting to see what the future has to bring for our Ping-chan ^_^

Ping (13kb)