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Nayasaka Erika (4kb)
First Appearance: 023 [ View Here ]
Age: early 20's
Nationality: Japanese
Occupation: Employee of MegaGamers, side-job cosplaying for conventions
Relations: roommate of Nanasawa Kimiko, hires Piro, injuries Largo's arm
Man, I love Nayasaka Erika! A no-nonsense modern girl who has to do whatever it takes to survive in Japan. She currently works in MegaGamers, wearing a different costume everday (made by Kimiko) and also side jobs of doing cosplaying characters for conventions (Largo found that one out the HARD way). Lives with Nansawa Kimiko (My #1 favorite female in MT) in a decently sized apartment, seems Erika carries the weight of paying the bills between the two. Big sister-little sister relations with Kimiko, showing how caring she can be even if she gives off this "bad-ass" attitude. I think underneath it all, she has a heart of gold.
Erika & Kimiko (14kb)