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Nanasawa Kimiko (4kb)
First Appearance: 024 [ View Here ]
Age: early 20's
Nationality: Japanese
Occupation: Waitress of Ann Miller's, striving actress
Relations: roommate of Nayasaka Erika, crush on Piro
Nanasawa Kimiko is a little shy, kind, and caring... the perfect "girl next door" type! Striving to be an actress, Kimiko is trying find her break into the entertainment business (mostly doing VA work). When she's not trying to start her career, she works part time at Ann Miller's (resturant that many otakus like for their cute waitresses) as a waitress.

Kimiko life changes somewhat when she meets Piro, who gives her his rail card since she lost her and had no money. That one event has Kimiko thinking how to re-pay the kind stranger whom she later finds out work with Erika. Piro's act of kindness has left a mark in Kimiko's heart as she starts to feel something more for him even though she barely knows him. Only time will tell when Kimiko + Piro will happen or when she'll hit her big break. I can't wait!

Nanasawa Kimiko & Piro (15kb)