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Flight Stewardess (4kb)
First Appearance: 007 [ View Here ]
Age: early 20's
Nationality: Japanese(?)
Occupation: Flight Stewardess
Relations in MT: saves L33T speaker
This cutie, whom I'm named just "Flight Stewardess" for obvious reasons, only made a quick appearance in MT. First appearing when Largo felt the need for "revenge" at Piro for dragging them to Japan, the Flight Stewardess only real role (so far) in MT has been to save the life of an L33T passenger. Obivously, she needs to brush up on her L33T 'cause there won't always been a Largo to translate L33T for her (::sarcastically:: like having Largo around is a good thing). Let's hope she'll make another appearance sometime in the future! (Who knows... but she was popular enough to get an T-shirt made of her)
Flight Stewardess (13kb)