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The MoyToy (9:34:23 PM): hey
StillTMDL (9:34:30 PM): hey
StillTMDL (9:34:36 PM): how's it goin?
The MoyToy (9:34:43 PM): you wouldn't happen to know on the off-shot who Wai currently has a crush on would you?
The MoyToy (9:34:47 PM): good good
StillTMDL (9:35:03 PM): how da hell would I know.. I'm not really talkin to him
The MoyToy (9:35:14 PM): oh... okay.. i see..
The MoyToy (9:35:57 PM): oh yea, me thinks wai is like whipped by 3 girls.. WTF, they're already dissing him and whatnot.
The MoyToy (9:36:03 PM): THAT'S *OUR* JOB!!!
The MoyToy (9:36:05 PM): hehehe
StillTMDL (9:36:44 PM): I know.. b*tches.. we all know I'M the hottest girl ever.. hahahah
The MoyToy (9:36:53 PM): LOL, right right
The MoyToy (9:37:01 PM): well, one of 'em is Matt's 2nd cousin Kim
StillTMDL (9:37:20 PM): oh well.. if he has a crush on someone.. it's probably younger.. annoying.. n let's just say.. he doesn't have the greatest taste
The MoyToy (9:37:31 PM): LOL, really?
The MoyToy (9:37:46 PM): man, both you and Birdie think so.. I mean, I'm kinda giving him the benefit of the doubt but still..
The MoyToy (9:37:52 PM): I think he has somewhat decent taste
StillTMDL (9:38:04 PM): hahahah.. oh please.. then YOUR taste needs to be questioned
The MoyToy (9:38:08 PM): .....
The MoyToy (9:38:20 PM): okay okay, I retrack that last statement
StillTMDL (9:39:11 PM): good
StillTMDL (9:39:12 PM): hehe
The MoyToy (9:41:44 PM): LOL
StillTMDL (9:42:37 PM): seriously.. u guys have like.. the worst tastes imaginable.. like.. when I took matt to the fashion show w/the models n everything.. he's like.. that one's hot.. I"m like.. out of all the models here.. u think that one's hot??!?!?! u gotta be kidding meeh~!! that one is waaaaaay hotter~!!!!
The MoyToy (9:42:51 PM): really...
StillTMDL (9:42:57 PM): n don't get meeh started on dennis n badtz maru
StillTMDL (9:42:59 PM): oh jeez
The MoyToy (9:43:03 PM): oh okay, tell me
The MoyToy (9:43:07 PM): I need some laughter tonight
StillTMDL (9:44:10 PM): no way man.. to put it in short.. I wuz talkin to dennis the other night.. to boost his self-esteem.. or wutever.. he's like.. no girls ever like meeh.. n I listed the ones that did.. he's like.. oh great.. wut does that say?? n I replied.. "u liked them b4.. so wut does that say about YOUR taste?"
StillTMDL (9:44:27 PM): n y isn't birdie answering meeh?!?!??!
The MoyToy (9:45:22 PM): dunno.. maybe she went to the bathroom real quick or something
StillTMDL (9:45:55 PM): I WUZ B*TCHIN TO HER~!!!!! SHE CAN'T DO THAT~!!!!!!
The MoyToy (9:46:05 PM): how 'bout wai's taste. what's your take on that?
The MoyToy (9:46:06 PM): LOL
StillTMDL (9:46:24 PM): IT SUX~!!!!! hahaha.. come on.. u know the girls he's liked
StillTMDL (9:46:33 PM): right?
StillTMDL (9:46:42 PM): they all have like.. the same things in common
The MoyToy (9:47:26 PM): right right I guess
StillTMDL (9:48:10 PM): they're like.. 8 years old.. whine like lil' annoying underclassmen.. n let's face it.. they're not the greatest things to look at
The MoyToy (9:48:26 PM): i see i see..