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DarkKnightLH: cha up 2
The MoyToy: im having gay sex
The MoyToy: with myself
DarkKnightLH: nice
DarkKnightLH: jan
The MoyToy: how bout u
The MoyToy: im not jan
The MoyToy: im alex moy
DarkKnightLH: yea ok
DarkKnightLH: shut up jan
The MoyToy: heheh
DarkKnightLH: i've never heard alex say that
The MoyToy: what did u do today?
The MoyToy: my name is alex
DarkKnightLH: and if it was alex...then ur disturbed
DarkKnightLH: yea ok
The MoyToy: did u play ball with wai?
DarkKnightLH: if ur alex then u know hwat i have done
DarkKnightLH: i haven't played ball is proj grad
DarkKnightLH: when i destoryed my ankle
The MoyToy: o
The MoyToy: what did u today?
DarkKnightLH: test
The MoyToy: did u do anything ?
DarkKnightLH: if ur alex..what did i do 4 u b4
The MoyToy: for what?
The MoyToy: u sucked my penis
DarkKnightLH: ok jan
The MoyToy: then u told me about computer stuff
The MoyToy: what r u going to do this week/
DarkKnightLH: what computer stuff
The MoyToy: um that 300 dollar computer
The MoyToy: andd about ram being cheap
DarkKnightLH: hmm i highly question who u are
DarkKnightLH: alex...what have u been doin..ur talkin gay
The MoyToy: yo... been hangin' around Jan, matt, and wai too long...
DarkKnightLH: true
DarkKnightLH: iono what i'm gonna do...but i gotta ship some ebay stuff and apply at gateway
The MoyToy: i see
DarkKnightLH: hmm oh yea i got registration on thurs
DarkKnightLH: prolly end round 4
The MoyToy: i see i see...
DarkKnightLH: other than that i'm free
DarkKnightLH: ua?
DarkKnightLH: u?
The MoyToy: registration for what?
The MoyToy: u wanna have sex?
DarkKnightLH: classes
The MoyToy: or do soemthing?
DarkKnightLH: alex man
DarkKnightLH: i'm gonna screw u upside the hed
DarkKnightLH: head
The MoyToy: gimme some road head baby
The MoyToy: u kno how i like it in dangerous exciting places
The MoyToy: yeah give it to me
DarkKnightLH: no more visitng jan or matt
The MoyToy: give it to me baby
DarkKnightLH: next time i c u...ur never gonna wanna eat carrots again
The MoyToy: o yeah bring it on baby
DarkKnightLH: weirdo
DarkKnightLH: sound blaster live got a whupping
The MoyToy: huh?
DarkKnightLH: go suck a carrot
The MoyToy: can I suck *your* carrot?
The MoyToy: PLEASE?!?!
DarkKnightLH: omggg
DarkKnightLH: somethin is wrong with u
The MoyToy: me...?
DarkKnightLH: yea
The MoyToy: I have no clue what you mean man..
DarkKnightLH: right
The MoyToy: hahaha u fell on the ice skating ring
The MoyToy: hahahahhahahaah i hate u
DarkKnightLH: jan ur such a gay fagot
DarkKnightLH: i swear
The MoyToy: er... dunno how to break it to you, but that was me
The MoyToy: I just rememberd when I was talkin' w/ Lisa
DarkKnightLH: ok jan says i hate u
DarkKnightLH: i don't liek talkin to u alex
DarkKnightLH: u have jan over too much
The MoyToy: oopss... must been stealing too many of Jan's lines...
The MoyToy: alex likes the way i give head
DarkKnightLH: the hell is this
The MoyToy: oh man... so out of it today
DarkKnightLH: i'm not talkin to u no more until ur normal
The MoyToy: alex is talking in the 3rd person now
The MoyToy: alex is sorry... will talk in the 1st persona again
The MoyToy: oh man, I'm having such a off day
DarkKnightLH: um