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The MoyToy: so what did u do today?
ChanManJr: wait
ChanManJr: erhM
ChanManJr: did we get a school number!??!
The MoyToy: what do u mean
The MoyToy: yeah every college has a number given to them
The MoyToy: dont kno what it is tho
The MoyToy: waisoon "o maria...u r my sun..i m ur earth...forever revolving around u....o my sweet temptation...y has life curseth me with this foulest of event..."
The MoyToy: maria lan "hey wai ur talking kinda out of a shakespear book...stop it ur freakin me out"
The MoyToy: waisoon chan "o maria--wait i feel something on my leg ....WHAT THE HELL?!??!"
The MoyToy: matt eng " i cant help myself i need u wai please give urself up to me !"
The MoyToy: maria lan "oh my...i didnt kno u were of that persuasion wai...i better leave.."
The MoyToy: waisoon chan "o y has life cursed me yet again... o well i must make do with matt eng"
The MoyToy: matt eng "o yeah suck it ....yeah.....oooooooooo yeaaaaahh....o kno ...slow down..."
The MoyToy: waisoon chan *suck* *suck*
The MoyToy: matt eng " aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh im exploooooooooooooooding!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
The MoyToy: the end