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ZuruiAznRyu: homo
Auto response from ChanManJr: brb...madily packing

ZuruiAznRyu: this is what you get for doing it at the last minute
ZuruiAznRyu: see, if you *were* smart, you would have done it throughout the week...
ZuruiAznRyu: ... so you wouldn't forget anything and could make sure you have everything you need....
ZuruiAznRyu: .... but NO, you had to up and do everything at the last minute you FRICKIN' HOMO
ZuruiAznRyu: ... and this WHY you're going to Rutgers MR. WAISOON CHAN!
ZuruiAznRyu: (... and don't even say anythin' about me going there too.. that's besides the point)
ZuruiAznRyu: ... you know Wai, you disappoint me....
ZuruiAznRyu: ... I expected *so* much more from you.. but this... *sigh*, you're such a *let down*
ZuruiAznRyu: I'm ashamed that I EVEN know you.. let alone am one of your friends....
ZuruiAznRyu: ... man, I should re-locate, change my name, and start all over again JUST so I don't have to worry 'bout bein' related/connected to you Waisoon
ZuruiAznRyu: .. I should warn your sorry black ass to teach you a lesson...
ZuruiAznRyu: .... but I won't, since I'm such a *kind* "friend"
ZuruiAznRyu: ... and your lack of response just PROVES my point that you're a total fool Waisoon. I'm.. so... ashamed.... *sigh*
ZuruiAznRyu: .... even now, lower beings/creatures than you are being MORE PRODUCTIVE than you....
ZuruiAznRyu: .. you know how PITYFUL that is? Say a ant, is more productive than YOU, an human being....
ZuruiAznRyu: ... man, I would laugh in your face right now if I could...
ZuruiAznRyu: ... god, if I was you and thought 'bout what I just said... I wouldn't be able to look myself in the mirror.. I would just go die, and jump off an cliff
ChanManJr: drama queen
ChanManJr: everyones drama queens
ZuruiAznRyu: hehhee
ZuruiAznRyu: you read it all?
ZuruiAznRyu: LOL
ChanManJr: yah
ZuruiAznRyu: whatcha think?
ChanManJr: iono
ChanManJr: no time to tink
ZuruiAznRyu: LOL, sorry man if I got carried away but was on a roll
ChanManJr: must pack
ZuruiAznRyu: aww.. all that work for NOTHING.
ChanManJr: its aight
ZuruiAznRyu: you homo.. I wasted MY time for NOTHING.
ZuruiAznRyu: I want my 10 mins back.
ZuruiAznRyu: NOW
ZuruiAznRyu: damn it man, give it back~!!!
ZuruiAznRyu: hehehe